IDENTITY CLASS #3 – Personality & Identity

In Audio by RSM

Learning Objectives:

  1. Know your 4 letter personality type results based on the temperament sorter
  2. Be equipped to further investigate personality types

Notes: E & I  | S & N | T & F  | J & P

  • Extraversion – iNtroversion: Where a person gets their energy. Extravert’s: source and direction of energy expression is mainly in the external world, introvert’s source of energy mainly in their own internal world. (I.E. Recharged by spending time alone)
  • Sensing – iNntuition: How a person perceives information. Sensing in general the person mainly trusts information they receive directly from their external world (using their 5 senses). iNtuition means a person trusts mainly information he or she receives from their internal or imaginative world.
  • Thinking – Feeling: How a person processes information. Thinking: the person makes decisions mainly through data & logic (based on the data I plan to do…) Feeling: the person makes decisions based on their emotion (I feel like I should do…)
  • Judging – Perceiving: How a person uses the information he or she has processed. Judging: the person organizes all their life events and sticks to their plans. Perceiving: the person is more inclined to improvise and explore alternative options.


Personality Test – Temperament Sorter:
Personality Profile – Temperament Sorter

Class Notes:
RSM CLASS Personality & Identity

Application / Activation Exercises:

  1. Prayer: Keep asking “God, show me who I am”
  2. Go learn about your personality type: